101 million NFT tokens sold in 2022 – DappRadar report

Analytical service DappRadar released a report on unique NFT tokens. The study showed that over the past year, the number of sold NFTs exceeded 101 million, which is 67.57% more than in the previous year.

The most popular blockchain for selling NFTs is by far Ethereum – it accounts for 21% of the market share – over 21.2 million transactions. It is followed by Wax (14.5M), Polygon (13.3M) and Solana (12.9M).

The Solana and ImmutableX ecosystems saw significant growth compared to the previous year, with transaction activity up 440% and 315% respectively on these blockchains. But in the BNB ecosystem, there were practically no changes – 1 million transactions in 2021 and 2022.

Despite the apparent decline in the cryptocurrency market and the huge number of bankruptcies and turmoil in the sector, the NFT market has not been hit too hard and has continued to grow in 2022. The past year has been marked by the emergence of new networks and decentralized applications that will provoke increased competition and further development of this sector.

New and well-known brands have come up with the idea of ​​releasing NFTs. Cultural representatives continued to explore this new market in 2022. Amazon is busy creating a documentary series about unique NFT tokens and those who collect them.

China also decided to keep up with the times and at the end of 2022 announced the creation of the first national NFT trading platform, which will become a secondary market for the exchange of digital assets.

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