72% of institutionals are not interested in cryptocurrencies


601 out of 835 institutional traders surveyed do not plan to invest in digital assets. These results are found in the study JPMorgan.

The sample included 835 institutions from 60 different countries. Responses received from 3 to 23 January.

Only 6% of those surveyed announced plans to start trading digital assets this year, 14% – on the horizon of five years. 8% of respondents have already added cryptocurrencies to the list of traded instruments.

The study also found that 12% of institutional traders believe that blockchain technology will shape the future of trading. The largest share of answers (53%) fell on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Recall that 82% of customers c AUM between £1m and £5m ($1.23m-6.15m) in the past 12 months have asked personal advisors for advice on investing in cryptocurrencies, according to the deVere Group.

Earlier, Binance found out that 88% of its users plan to continue investing in digital assets.

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