Adobe did not train AI on user images

adobe min
adobe min

Adobe Product Director Scott Belsky said the company has never used user-generated content to train generative AI. Writes about it Bloomberg.

“We have never used anything from our repository to train a generative AI model. Not once,” Belsky said.

Previously, independent software developers Krita Foundation discovered a clause in Adobe’s terms of service that states the use of AI for content analysis. Some artists have interpreted this as the company’s use of images to train generators like DALL-E 2 and Midjourney.

Belsky called the criticism a “wake-up call” and said that the policy was not meant to be content creation. The company uses AI to analyze products and improve their performance, he said.

“We are implementing a new evolution of this policy that is more specific,” Belsky said.

He added that if the company ever decides to develop generative AI, Adobe will announce it publicly.

“We have to be very clear on these things,” Belsky concluded.

Adobe has previously developed several products and tools that use artificial intelligence algorithms. Among them is Adobe Sensei, which integrates with Photoshop, Lightroom, and Premiere Pro. The tool allows creators to automate routine or repetitive tasks like identifying faces and buildings in photos and videos.

Object selection feature in Adobe Lightroom
Object selection feature in Adobe Lightroom Adobe data

At the Adobe Max 2022 conference, the company also presented a number of research projects Sneaks with artificial intelligence.

Recall that in January, the artists sued Stability AI and Midjourney because of the training of algorithms on their images.

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