Alfa-Bank received the status of the CFA issuer

TSB RF turned on Alfa-Bank in the register of information system operators. Obtaining this status gives the company the right to issue and circulate digital financial assets (DFA) within the platforms.

The bank has already launched the A-Token platform for these purposes, said RBC Alfa Bank Innovation Director Denis Dodon.

According to him, two types of DFA are being prepared for release: equivalents of traditional financial instruments in the form of monetary claims and tokenized physical assets.

“The operation of the platform is based on the principle of a safe transaction — the investor advances funds for it. If the issue collects the minimum required number of applications, the funds will be credited to the issuer, and if not, they will be returned to investors. The same principle is implemented in the secondary market – smart contracts assume that the seller has an asset, and the banking gateway assumes that the buyer has money, ”Dodon explained.

Market issuers will also be able to use the infrastructure of the platform. Clients will have access to it through the bank’s mobile application.

A pilot release of digital financial assets is planned for late February.

At the moment, the Lighthouse fintech platform, Sberbank and Atomyze also have licenses to issue DFA in the Russian Federation.

According to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, as of November 2022, these three operators carried out a total of 15 issues of digital financial assets for a total of 170 million rubles.

Recall that in December 2022, Lighthouse made a deal with CFA for the amount of 58 million yuan (500 million rubles), secured by commercial debt.

There is a law in the Russian Federation that prohibits payment for goods and services with digital financial assets and utilitarian digital rights.

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