American institutional accounts for up to 85% of transactions with bitcoin

A study by Matrixport says that US institutional investors show the greatest interest in bitcoin. The share of companies and funds from the United States accounts for up to 85% with cryptocurrency.

As analyst Markus Thielen noted, compared to institutions from other countries, American investors are most often testing the possibilities of BTC.

Second place is occupied by hedge funds and investment companies from the Asia-Pacific region.

During trading in the US and Asia, the largest amounts of transactions with bitcoin are observed. Investments in BTC in 2023 grew by 40%.

According to Markus Thielen, institutionals first of all buy bitcoin and only then start investing in other digital currencies. The analyst did not rule out that in the near future we will observe the redistribution of large capital between BTC and altcoins in favor of the latter.

In 2022, institutional investment in cryptocurrencies has also been on the rise. This is evidenced by the results of a survey commissioned by Coinbase.

62% of US companies and funds surveyed said they already have digital assets in their portfolio.

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