AWS posted a job opening for a Web3 Specialist

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amazon min

Cloud computing platform Amazon Web Services (AWS) has opened the position of “Senior GTM, web3″. About it says on the LinkedIn page.

The successful candidate will work on a team that is responsible for “the growing adoption of Web3 workloads on AWS.” The position involves interaction with startups and large enterprises, development of platform services and expansion of product groups.

In 2021, AWS has an opening for a Blockchain Product Manager with experience in decentralized finance. Later, Amazon began looking for a product leader in digital currencies and blockchain.

In January 2023, the media reported on the tech giant’s plans to launch a Web3 initiative related to non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Prior to this, the head of Amazon, Andy Jesse, allowed the sale of NFTs on the platform of the corporation in the future. He also stressed that he expects “significant growth” in the sector.

Recall that in November 2022, the NYT wrote about the company’s plans to lay off a record 10,000 people in its history.

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