Binance Launches a Platform for VIP Clients

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has launched the Capital Connect service to facilitate communication between its VIP clients and investment fund managers.

The platform has 9 levels of “premium account”. This status is assigned to a user when their trading volume for 30 days exceeds $1 million and there are at least 25 BNB on their balance.

Capital Connect is a free service for all Binance VIP customers “subject to regional restrictions.” Users can apply to access the platform as an investor or investment manager.

To participate in the program, clients must pass the mandatory KYC/KYB verification.

“Investors and fund managers continue to face inefficiencies due to the lack of market standards. With Capital Connect, we can help create disclosure standards for clients with a variety of investment and fundraising needs.

At the time of writing, over 20 fund managers have joined the Binance program, and the number continues to grow.

However, in a risk warning, the platform noted that the service is presented as a “purely trial service, provided “as is” without any representations or warranties.”

In May, Binance announced Build The Block, a reality show in the metaverse where Web3 developers will compete for the title of the best.

Later, the bitcoin exchange announced the integration of Bitcoin Ordinals with its NFT marketplace at the end of May.


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