Bitcoin Core developer robbed

Bitcoin Core developer Luc Dascher claims that on December 31, hackers stole 216 BTC from his wallet by cracking a PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) key. The programmer announced this on Twitter.

Dashr said that unknown persons somehow gained access to his PGP key. This method is often used to make encrypted information harder to access by using two keys.

Blockchain data suggests that after the coins were stolen, unknown individuals used CoinJoin to hide the addresses and final recipients of the coins. The total amount of stolen funds is $ 3.6 million. Dashr has already applied to law enforcement agencies about this.

Representatives of the Bitcoin community were divided in their assessments regarding the incident. Some bitcoiners have already expressed their sympathy. Others believe that the developer made certain mistakes when using his work laptop for BTC transactions.

Opinions are also expressed about the possible fabrication of the whole situation with the loss of coins by Luke Dashr. Many do not believe that such an experienced developer with a strong technical background could lose coins due to a hacker attack.

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