Bitcoin falls in price due to the transition of investors to gold

Against the background of rumors about a possible default in the US, investors are massively switching to gold and silver. Precious metals have been rising in price over the past few days.

Gold on Tuesday, May 16, rose in price to $2012 per troy ounce. The main precious metal is considered by institutional investors as the safest asset in the face of financial uncertainty in the US and in the global market, according to Bloomberg.

More than half of the major investors surveyed by the agency announced their intention to increase investment in gold in the near future.

Treasury bonds are the second most attractive, and bitcoin closes the top three. 7.8% of professional and 11.3% of retail traders voted for investing in BTC.

The largest digital currency sank to $27,031 today. Ether (ETH) and Binance Coin (BNB) fell 1.5% to $1,814 and $311, respectively.

According to Bloomberg strategists, as crypto-policy tightens in the US and default risks increase, the attractiveness of bitcoin and other virtual currencies will decline. In this case, BTC and ETH could fall below $27,000 and $1,800.

Some observers believe that bitcoin will only find a bottom around $25,000.

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