Bitcoin is predicted to fall to $10,000

A popular cryptocurrency analyst, host of the YouTube channel Coin Bureau, believes that bitcoin has not yet reached the bottom. According to an anonymous blogger, we should expect BTC to fall to $10,000 during the first three months of 2023.

In his release on YouTube, the analyst said that soon bitcoin may well lose 60% of its capitalization. The driver of the decline should be the decision of the US Federal Reserve on the base rate – if the US Central Bank stops raising the rate, then the stock and other markets will simply collapse.

According to the author of the Coin Bureau channel, the stock market is expected to decline by 20% or 30% in the coming months. And the cryptocurrency market is more volatile, so it will go down by 40% or 60%. The expert advised investors to transfer all coins to cold wallets, so that in the event of the collapse of cryptocurrency companies, the assets themselves would remain with the users. So people can keep their assets and, with the growth of the market, make a profit.

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