Bitcoin showed the largest increase during Asian trading

Analysts from Arcane Research found that since the end of last fall, the most active were predominantly Asian bitcoin traders.

Experts compared the scale of investments in the leading cryptocurrency during trading in Asia, Europe and the USA from November 27 to January 15 and concluded that buyers in the morning showed the highest activity at that time.

During the American session, bitcoin preferred to consolidate, and at the end of December, trading in the US was closed in most cases by a depreciation of BTC.

At the same time, the next day during the Asian session, on the contrary, the digital currency added in value.

Arcane Research has also documented an increasing correlation between Bitcoin and US stocks over the past few months.

Cryptocurrency exposure to tech stocks was near-perfect during US trading. During sessions in Asia and Europe, the correlation between ETH and BTC weakened, the company said in a report.

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