Bitfarms CEO resigns

A large mining company, Bitfarms, has changed its management team amid the crisis that the global crypto industry and the cryptocurrency mining industry are experiencing.

Emiliano Grodzki co-founded and led mining company Bitfarms in 2017. Under his leadership, Bitfarms has become one of the leading bitcoin mining companies in the market. During its five-year history, the company has achieved significant growth: it expanded its presence in four countries (Argentina, Canada, Paraguay, USA) with more than ten mining farms, and also entered the stock market by registering the issue of its shares on the Nasdaq exchanges in the USA and TSX in Canada. Bitfarms recently announced the opening of a bitcoin mining mega farm in Rio Cuarto, a city in the Argentinean province of Córdoba.

Against the backdrop of a turbulent market, declining prices of crypto assets and an exodus of investors, Bitfarms faced a liquidity crisis and was forced to sell about 3,000 bitcoins to cover ongoing operating costs.

The new CEO of Bitfarms is Geoffrey Morphy, who previously served as president and chief operating officer. Industry experts believe that the change in leadership of Bitfarms demonstrates to investors that the situation is under control, the company hopes for a positive trend in its financial activities in the near future.

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