BNY Mellon spoke about the interest of customers in cryptocurrencies


Michael Demissi, Head of Advanced Solutions at BNY Mellon, said during a conference on fintech and regulation Afore Consulting that cryptocurrencies are firmly entrenched in the financial sector. This is reported Reuters.

“We see that clients are absolutely interested in digital assets,” he said.

Referring to held in October 2022 study BNY Mellon, Demissy noted that more than 90% of the bank’s clients plan to invest in tokenized assets in the near future.

“We need clear regulation, rules and responsible participants who can offer reliable services that justify the trust of investors,” he explained.

Recall that in January 2022, BNY Mellon CFO Emily Portney called on the US authorities to clarify the rules for regulating cryptocurrencies.

In October, the WSJ reported that the bank would allow customers to store digital assets alongside traditional financial instruments. According to the newspaper, BNY Mellon received the appropriate approval from the regulator in New York.

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