ChatGPT compared zodiac signs and cryptocurrencies

Chatbots with artificial intelligence
Chatbots with artificial intelligence

Cryptocurrency analysis platform asked ChatGPT to match 12 cryptocurrencies with zodiac signs.

According to the chatbot, Aries corresponds to bitcoin. They both embody a pioneering spirit:

“Aries boldly plans and explores new territories. Bitcoin has stirred up finances and opened up new opportunities.”

The chatbot attributed Ethereum to Taurus. The neural network believes that the sign is associated with the stability that this coin is known for.

According to ChatGPT, Tether corresponds to Gemini:

“Similar to Gemini’s ability to adapt to different environments, USDT is known for its versatility as a stablecoin that can be used across multiple platforms.”

Cancer in the neural network is associated with USDC. The chatbot considers this stablecoin safe.

Under the sign of Leo was Binance Coin. They are both associated with “royal chic”, while BNB belongs to the “largest crypto exchange”.

ChatGPT is also sure that Virgo is associated with practicality, and XRP is used as a “practical solution for cross-border payments.”

The chatbot classified BUSD as Libra, because “both are focused on balance and stability.”

The scorpion of the algorithm is associated with Cardano. The system described this sign as a symbol of change, and the blockchain platform as a transformation in the financial industry.

Sagittarius is Dogecoin due to the sign’s affinity for adventure:

“Dogecoin started out as a joke but has become a popular and adventurous cryptocurrency.”

Polygon corresponds to Capricorn. The neural network believes that this sign symbolizes hard work, while the token is a diligent solution for scaling Ethereum.

ChatGPT assigned Polkadot to Aquarius:

“Blockchain technology aims to offer a more interoperable and scalable platform for decentralized applications. This corresponds to the progressive and far-sighted traits of Aquarius.”

And finally, Pisces corresponds to the “character” of Solana. The chatbot is sure that they both represent the embodiment of dreams and imagination:

“Solana gives developers the tools to turn their ideas into tangible, working projects.”

ChatGPT cautioned that these links are speculative and subjective. They are not backed by science or facts.

Users also noted that chatbot knowledge is limited to 2021. In their opinion, some characteristics may not correspond to the current market situation.

Recall that in January Midjourney turned common crypto assets into transformers.

In the same month, AI token prices skyrocketed amid the popularity of ChatGPT.

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