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OpenAI has added support for third-party plugins to ChatGPT, which provide the chatbot with access to up-to-date data from the Internet.

OpenAI said that the plugins will not only allow the chatbot to view actual web pages, but also interact with specific sites. Potentially, this could turn ChatGPT into a broad interface for various services.

In one of the examples, OpenAI showed how a chatbot finds a recipe and orders the necessary products using Instacart. ChatGPT automatically uploads the list of ingredients to the service and directs users to the site to confirm the order.

The company has already integrated 11 plugins into ChatGPT, including Expedia, Instacart, OpenTable, Wolfram, and Zapier.

11 plugins available in ChatGPT
Plugins available in ChatGPT. Data: OpenAI.

In addition, the developers have added two plugins of their own design: a code interpreter and a web browser. The latter can search for information on the Internet and provide links to the sources used.

This feature is similar to Microsoft’s Bing, which is also based on GPT-4. However, unlike a search engine, ChatGPT not only searches for information, but can also interact with services on behalf of users using API.

Security experts have already raised concerns about experiments with GPT-4. Previously, a human-led bot was able to hire a TaskRabbit worker to solve a captcha that it couldn’t solve on its own.

OpenAI said that they took into account the concerns of experts and “implemented a number of precautionary measures.” One of them is the limited number of people who have access to use plugins.

The developers said that a small number of selected ChatGPT Plus developers and users from waiting list.

Recall that on March 14, OpenAI introduced a large multimodal GPT-4 model.

That same month, the company’s CEO Sam Altman acknowledged the risks of ChatGPT.

Later, OpenAI researchers published a report claiming that GPT models will affect 80% of US jobs.

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