Circle got access to its deposits in Silicon Valley Bank

USDC issuer Circle has gained access to $3.3 billion in deposits at the collapsed Silicon Valley Bank (SVB).

Platform CEO Jeremy Allair, in an interview with CNBC, pointed out the irony of the situation in which a traditional bank harms the crypto economy, and not vice versa, as regulators pointed out.

“We really try to make sure that we have the most reliable infrastructure for [USDC]. It is somewhat ironic that there was a lot of talk about protecting the banking system from cryptocurrencies, and now we are in a situation where we need to protect the digital dollar from these very banks, ”he explained.

At the same time, Allair praised the US government and financial regulators for “important steps to reduce risks.”

“100% of SVB deposits are safe and will be available [14 марта] when opening a bank,” said CEO Circle.

Allair also said that the company has moved its reserve funds to a “safe vault” – Bank of New York Mellon.

On March 10, the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation shut down Silicon Valley Bank and appointed FDIC manager. The reason for this decision was “insufficient liquidity and insolvency.”

US regulators have said savers will have access to their deposits on March 13 at the expense of shareholders and some unsecured bond holders. These measures will also affect Signature Bank, which, along with Silvergate, was one of the main banks for participants in the crypto industry.

On March 11, amid the collapse of the SVB, the stablecoin USDC and algorithmic stablecoins DAI and FRAX lost their peg to the US dollar. Later, Circle assured of solving problems with the banking support of the asset.

The company’s stake in SVB accounted for about 8% of the total cash reserves of $42.1 billion underlying the value of the stablecoin.

Earlier, representatives of the USDC issuer and Coinbase crypto exchange accused banks of destabilizing the digital asset market.

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