ConsenSys lays off employees |

ConsenSys plans to terminate employment with 100 or more employees. Writes about it CoinDesk citing an informed source.

According to him, management is still finalizing optimization measures. The exact number of laid-off workers is unknown.

ConsenSys plans continue the negative trend that began in the industry in 2022. Unfavorable market conditions led to mass layoffs in companies – more than 10,000 people were out of work at the beginning of December, according to journalist Colin Wu.

Previously struggling OTC platform Genesis Trading has cut 30% of its workforce. The WSJ said the firm is considering filing for bankruptcy.

In January 2023, Coinbase announced it was laying off 950 people as part of a 25% operating cost optimization.

In the summer of 2022, the bitcoin exchange cut its staff by 18%, and in the fall it terminated the employment relationship with 60 specialists.

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