Crash victims put up for sale rights of claim

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By December 30 on a specialized platform Xclaim there are 9,256 filings for the sale of claims against the FTX, Celsius Network, BlockFi and Voyager Digital platforms going through bankruptcy proceedings.

Clients of crypto firms that have gone through the collapse expect to compensate to a certain extent for the losses incurred and not wait for the completion of the insolvency/reorganization procedure.

“[Банкротство] takes longer than investors can afford. Some people now need money or want to get it, ”explained The Wall Street Journal Vladimir Elisavchich, founder of specialized broker Cherokee Acquisition.

To date, 9072 Celsius Network users, 93 Voyager Digital users, 67 FTX users and 23 BlockFi users have opted to use Xclaim.

In an interview The founder of the service, Matt Sedai, told the publication that lenders from all over the world use the platform’s services. Two-thirds of the submitted applications came from residents of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Hedge funds such as Contrarian Capital Management, Invictus Global Management and Novawolf Digital Management have bought some of the rights.

Professional wealth managers have the capital and time to survive bankruptcies. An additional motivation is the forecast of the realization of the growth potential of the redeemed tokens.

Earlier, Celsius Network asked the court to extend the deadline for filing claims by creditors.

Recall, according to Jefferies Financial experts, creditors of the collapsed FTX crypto exchange will be able to return no more than 40% of their investments. The cost of restructuring the platform is estimated at up to $1 billion.

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