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In 2022, scammers began offering Russians assistance in withdrawing funds frozen on foreign cryptocurrency exchanges due to Western sanctions. Toward the end of the year, similar announcements began to come to clients of the bankrupt FTX exchange, said Evgenia Burova, PR director of the Garantex cryptocurrency exchange.

She clarified that offers to withdraw assets blocked on FTX for a significant percentage can be found on the dark web, especially in the first hours and days after the collapse of the company.

This year, large platforms, such as Binance, Kraken, Huobi and KuCoin, have introduced restrictions on Russian crypto wallets, and this has led to the emergence of new fraud schemes, Stanislav Rozhdestvensky, Director of Analytics at CoinKit LLC, confirmed. According to him, you need to apply for unlocking funds only to the support service of the exchange.

It is also unsafe to receive funds from bankrupt sites, the expert added. He explained: if the crypt from them gets into the account, the transfer can be marked as connected with criminal activity, and the exchange will confiscate all the client’s funds.

The distribution of the scheme, when the attacker contacts the victim and offers help in withdrawing the crypt, was also confirmed by the source of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In general, the volume of crypto fraud in Russia in 2022 will exceed 6 billion rubles, although in 2021 it amounted to 4.5 billion, said Alexey Tarapovsky, founder of Anderida Financial Group.

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We can conclude: crypto scammers began to use the bankruptcy of FTX

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