Disartive Fair presents the results of the North Star Web 3 Awards in Dubai

The award ceremony took place on Saturday evening, March 18 in Dubai, UAE.

This year, the founder of the Award, Olga Dvoretskaya, decided to select nominees from Russia and the CIS, of which she herself has been a part of the community since 2017 and believes that people from Russia and the CIS rightfully occupy a high percentage among the developers and founders of blockchain projects that influence change and development of the landscape of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies market around the world. In 2024, the North Star Web 3 Awards is planning an international release.

In 2023, the winners of the Award were chosen by audience voting, as well as by the decision of the expert council of the organizers for their contribution to the development of WEB 3 and the community. The criteria for choosing the laureates included: originality and uniqueness of the project or person, contribution, reputation and mentions in the media.

So the audience voted for the participants in 4 directions: ARTIST IN NFT & DIGITAL ART, WEB 3 INFLUENCERS, WEB 3 QUEENS and WEB 3 MEDIA and in 24 nominations. As a result, more than 5,000 people voted for the participants within a week.

The award in the section “Contribution to the development of WEB 3”, NORTH STAR CONTRIBUTION was also given to 24 more participants.

In total, North Star received 48 persons and projects, including Olga Piven, CIPR, DAW, Blots, 1 Inch, Near, Sergey Khitrov, Pokras Lampas, Gleb Kostarev, AES+F, Napasio, Andy Newmerge, Tatyana Maksimenko, Artem Tkach , Meta Rite, Pixelord, businessman Vladislav Utushkin and Oleg Ivanov, Natalia Tkacheva, Laganza. See the full list at website.

The purpose of the Award is to strengthen the community and recognize people from different WEB 3 industries who have contributed with their talents, ideas and social activity.

The North Star Web 3 Awards in 2023 took place as part of the Disartive Art&Tech Fair, a digital art fair that brings together young and well-known digital artists, experts in the development of the metaverse, NFT and blockchain to develop business, communications and search for new ideas.

In addition to the Prize, Disartive Fair’s discoveries were: singing NFTs, characters from the DAW collection performed Eminem’s Slim Shady song in karaoke, the first car studio in the metaverse – MetaGarage.

The event was supported by NFT collection Blots and businessman Yuri Yulyashev, NFT collection DAW, which received the Award for the best women’s NFT collection, premium car tuning studio, MetaGarage.

The next event is planned in Dubai in March 2024.

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