Elon Musk pumped Milady’s NFT collection

Elon Musk again staged a price pump on the crypto market. This time it was not the meme-coins that were “lucky”, but the Milady NFT project.

The collection was created in 2021 by the Remilia digital artist team. It includes 10,000 anime art tokens.

So, Musk posted a picture of one of the heroines.

As a result, NFT sales increased by 500%, and the minimum price increased by 50%.

However, the Lookonchain service found this case rather suspicious. They began an investigation and revealed a lot of curious details.

“We found a mysterious address. It was created 1 hour before Elon Musk tweeted about Milady. The address withdrew 25 ETH ($45362) from Binance and bought 8T LADYS tokens at $0.000000005652. No more other operations. Coincidence?”

Further, it turned out that DWF Labs was involved in the deal. Developer Milady has added the top 3 LADYS owners to the blacklist. Two of those three addresses seem to belong to DWF Labs. They became the largest holder and now own 30.6 tons of LADYS tokens ($1.9 million).

One of the addresses received 10,000 USDT from DWF Labs.

And the second is ether.

So far, DWF Labs has not commented on this investigation.

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