Eric Voorhees told how to wait for Bitcoin at $40,000

Eric Voorhees

The CEO of the ShapeShift cryptocurrency exchange believes that the bitcoin rate will soon begin to grow and by the summer of this year the first cryptocurrency will cost $40,000.

Erik Voorhes made the announcement in an interview with Bankless. The businessman believes that Bitcoin is ready for a “large-scale return.” The ShapeShift CEO expects a new bull cycle in the cryptocurrency market, thanks to which BTC will reach new records. However, in this case, Voorhees finds it difficult to name the exact timing – he believes that the bullish cycle will have to wait from six months to three years.

The main drivers of growth should be macroeconomic factors – an increase in interest rates and a tightening of monetary policy by the central banks of leading countries. Voorhees noted that cryptocurrencies do not have a very positive reputation, but this will not prevent the next bitcoin rally. According to him, “the financial industry is now in the middle of a revolution.”

Earlier, Tim Draper, a major venture capital investor, confirmed his forecast that Bitcoin will reach $250,000 already in 2023.

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