Ethereum Founder Donates $227,000 to Turkey Earthquake Relief

The crypto community responded to the call of public organizations to provide assistance to those affected by a powerful earthquake in Turkey. Through the exchanges, the transfer of funds to wallets created by charitable structures began.

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin funneled $227,000 into ETH, according to blockchain company PeckShield.

Buterin donated funds in two large transactions – 50 ETH and 99 ETH.

In total, non-profit organizations received about $4.3 million in cryptocurrencies. The lion’s share of the funds was sent in stablecoins.

One of the wallets created by the NGO Ahbap received 409 ETH worth up to $622,000.

Many exchanges themselves provide funds to support victims and their families. For example, Binance donated $5 million.

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