Ethereum overtakes bitcoin in terms of the number of transactions in 2022

The Ethereum network surpassed Bitcoin in terms of transactional activity in 2022.

According to the YCharts service, over the past 12 months, ETH users have made approximately 408.5 million transactions, while 93.1 million transactions have been implemented on the BTC blockchain over the same time.

The total number of transactions on Ethereum turned out to be 338% higher than on Bitcoin.

On average, ETH users made about 1.1 million transactions per day, and in the BTC network this figure was 255,000.

At the same time, analysts note that the ETH blockchain turned out to be more effective, since the lion’s share of DeFi and NFT projects is deployed on it.

The demand for sending funds increased periodically, which led to an increase in the number of transactions in the network.

According to BitinfoCharts, the trend has continued in 2023. For example, on January 2, the Bitcoin network processed 229,191 transactions, while Ethereum users completed 924,614 transactions on the same day.

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