Ethereum projects will protect users from MEV attacks

More than 30 Ethereum projects have teamed up to launch the MEV Blocker tool, designed to protect users from MEV front-running and sandwich attacks.

MEV bot operators profit from the ability to preview transactions in the mempool. By including their trades in a block, they can stay ahead of profitable offers (front running) or implement other strategies. This structure also includes searchers who find MEV opportunities and act as intermediaries between block creators and validators.

“MEV Blocker works by routing all transactions through a crawler network that is structured to block front-running and sandwich attacks,” the statement said.

Then the seekers place their bets on the right bscreening transactions coming from the instrument. The user is returned 90% of the profits, 10% goes to the validators.

MEV Blocker sends generated batches of transactions to all major block builders like Builder0x69, bloXroute, Blocknative, Flashbots, rsync builder and Beaver Build.

More than 30 Ethereum projects have taken part in the initiative, including Balancer, Gelato, Gnosis DAO, bloXroute, 1inch, Safe, Paraswap, ZeroMEV and others.

Flashbots previously introduced the MEV-Share solution, which empowers users to participate in MEV arbitrage profits.

In March, MEV validator income hit a new high amid the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and the USD Coin (USDC) depeg.

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