Flashbots introduced a solution to expand the MEV capabilities of users

What is MEV and what will change after the transition of Ethereum to PoS

The Flashbots organization developed the MEV-Share protocol, which empowers Ethereum users to share “maximum recoverable value” (MEV).

According to Flashbots head of product development Robert Miller, MEV-Share is based on the MEV-Boost solution but leads to a further separation of the transaction supply chain.

“While MEV-Boost enables collaboration between validators and builders [блоков]MEV-Share does the same for searchers and users by allowing the latter to get paid for their transactions,” added Miller.

In the current structure, searchers find MEV opportunities and send batches of such transactions to block builders. The latter arrange the order of operations and pass the blocks to the validators for confirmation.

To include users in this chain, Flashbots developers have introduced a new system into it – Matchmaker (matchmaker). This mechanism matches crawler packages with user transactions.

Block builders receive these packages already with the condition of returning part of the income from the MEV to the user.

Flashbots introduced a solution to expand the MEV capabilities of users
MEV-Share architecture. Data: Flashbots forum.

The team assured that the “matchmaker” will ensure the privacy of users who will be able to choose what data to share with the system.

The developers believe that MEV-Share will benefit explorers by providing access to new transactions and block builders through greater order flow.

Recall that in January, the media reported that Flashbots was in talks with investors to raise up to $50 million at a $1 billion valuation.

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