FluxOS update and Polkadot hackathon. Main events of January

In the coming month, several events will take place at once, which can affect both the value of individual cryptocurrencies and the market as a whole.

Flux (FLUX) – Release of FluxOS V3.30.0

The developers of the Flux project announced that on January 2, on block number 1288000, FluxOS V3.30.0 will be updated. All validator node owners need to update their software by January 3rd. The update will fix sync issues, reconfigure dapp pricing, and make changes to prepare for a future update.

Flux Network is a former ZelCash project that was launched in 2018 and rebranded in March 2021. The main goal of the project is to create a decentralized Internet. To achieve this goal, the Flux project aims to achieve the maximum distributed network.

Any user can support the blockchain: either run a validator node (node) or start mining on a video card. Rewards between nodes and miners are divided equally. FluxOS is an operating system that allows you to deploy decentralized applications (dApps). ZelCore is a multi-currency crypto wallet that supports over 450 coins and 50,000 tokens.

Klaytn (KLAY) – Hardfork Kore

An update for the Baobab network will go into effect on January 10 after block number 111,736,800 is found, and an update for the Cypress network is scheduled for March 2023. All these updates are part of the large release of Klaytn v1.10.0. After the update, the block reward structure will change, new functions for the API will appear, and the cost of gas for some functions will change. More details about the update can be found at site project.

The Klaytn blockchain is the development of the Korean Internet giant Kakao, whose main network was launched in 2019. The project is aimed at corporate businesses that plan to launch their applications in the field of metavenient or GameFi and provide users with convenient access to the blockchain. The project cooperates with such corporations as Samsung, LG Electronics, Union Bank.

Polkadot (DOT) – Hackathon

On January 25, another online hackathon from the Polkadot project starts. This time the event will take place in Europe; the previous ones were held in the Pacific and North American regions. Participants are invited to submit their project in one of five categories: interface and experience, smart contracts, Web 3.0 and development, DeFi, NFT. In each of the nominations, the prize fund is $35,000. Each team of finalists will be paid the cost of a flight to Paris in the amount of $3,000.

In addition to the main prize fund, prizes are planned for participants from the Moonbeam, Zeitgeist and ICE projects. On March 22, the dotSocial event will take place in Paris, where the finalists will be able to present and talk about their projects on the main stage of the event. Register and find out more information at site hackathon.

COTI (COTI) – DJED stablecoin launch

At the end of November at the Cordano Summit, COTI CEO Shahaf Bar-Geffenb announced the launch of an algorithmic, over-collateralized stablecoin, DJED. According to the developers’ plan, the stablecoin will be launched in January after a thorough audit and will be pegged to the US dollar. DJED will be backed by the Cardano base coin (ADA) and use the SHEN coin as a back-up coin.

The DJED algorithm is based on a collateral ratio in the range of 400%-800% for DJED and SHEN to ensure that there is enough ADA in the pool. Agreements have already been signed with 40 partners and decentralized exchanges for fast and correct implementation. These projects will offer increased rewards to those who provide liquidity with DJED.

The developers also announced the development of Djed Pay, a payment app and crypto gateway that allows merchants, e-commerce platforms and non-profit organizations to accept DJED as payment.

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