FTX Crash Will Boost Trust in the Crypto Industry

The bankruptcy of the FTX exchange has become one of the most important events in the cryptocurrency market in 2022. It was it that provoked strong volatility in November, which resulted in the fall of bitcoin to a two-year low.

However, some in the blockchain industry believe that the downfall of FTX will ultimately help increase the credibility of the blockchain industry.

Laser Digital co-founder and CEO Jez Mohideen is confident that investors will return to digital currencies, as they have already seen that this market has survived even after severe turbulence.

The head of the division, which is part of the Nomura holding, calls for the accelerated legalization of digital currencies. The introduction of the regulatory framework will create conditions under which the departed players will return to the market and new ones will come.

Jez Mohideen emphasized:

Web3 and metaverse projects will be the main ecosystems that will show growth in the coming years. Social networking and gaming services will also retain growth potential if they use Web3 technology.

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