Hacker Tornado Cash made a controversial proposal

On the evening of Saturday, May 20, an unknown person hacked the Tornado Cash mixer and actually took control of the service, appropriating 1.2 million votes. Now he has published a proposal in which he proposes to return control of the platform to TORN holders, but, oddly enough, not everyone agrees to this.

The offer was reported by a user with the nickname “Tornadosaurus-Hex”:

“The attacker wants to roll back the changes and take back control of the service. I think there’s a good chance he will do it.”

The user also stated that he already has a ready-made logic for correcting the “loopholes” that the hacker took advantage of. Given that the cracker controls the majority of votes, the proposal will obviously be accepted.

Voting will end on May 26th. Then what’s the catch? A member of the Tron community with the nickname “0xdeadf4ce” believes that this is an attempt by a hacker to manipulate the price of the native token.

Allegedly, in this way, the cracker wants to “inspire confidence” and increase the rate. And he succeeded, at least in part. Against the background of the news about the offer from the hacker, the TORN rate jumped by 10% at the moment. Now the asset is trading at $4.79.

Despite the fact that the service is controlled by a hacker, the asset still has some liquidity. According to 0xdeadf4ce, the criminal is trying to “pump up” the token rate, and then simply dump it on the market.

Source: CryptoNewsHerald.com

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