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Cyber ​​group BlueNoroff has stepped up attacks on organizations working with cryptocurrencies – venture funds, crypto startups and banks. This was reported in the press service of the research center Kaspersky.

Hackers intensify attacks on cryptocurrency startups around the world

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Last fall, the company’s experts discovered 70 fake domains that look like the resources of well-known venture funds and banks – Japanese, American, Vietnamese, from the UAE. Thus, hackers built traps for startups.

Also, attackers began to introduce malware using new types of files that are not yet familiar to security systems.

For example, a sales employee receives an e-mail with a .doc attachment disguised as a contract from a customer. By injecting malware through the opening of this file, hackers will be able to monitor daily transactions and commit theft when an employee tries to transfer a large amount of cryptocurrency.

New experimental hacker methods include the use of Visual Basic Script, Windows Batch, and Windows executables. Attackers have learned how to bypass a special Windows protection feature – Mark-of-the-Web (MOTW) – to open files with such a mark in a special protected mode.

The Kaspersky center predicts a possible “major cyber epidemic” in 2023 due to the constant experiments of hackers and their use of advanced tools.

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