Hackers stole $8.8 million worth of cryptocurrency in a month

As a result of 24 January hacks, hackers stole $8.8 million worth of cryptocurrency. reported PeckShield analytics.

According to the analysis, the attackers directed about a third of all stolen funds (about $2.6 million) to the TornadoCash cryptomixer and Fixedfloat and SideShift instant cryptocurrency exchange services.

The biggest hack in the first month of this year was an attack on the DeFi crypto lending platform LendHub. As a result of the actions of the attackers, $6 million worth of assets were withdrawn from the platform. In addition, the ThoreumFinance, MidasCapitalxyz, Omniestategroup and Mycelium platforms suffered from a hack last month. The sums of funds stolen as a result of attacks on these protocols amounted to less than $1 million in each case.

Thus, in January, hackers stole almost 14 times less funds than a year earlier: in January 2022, scammers stole digital assets worth $121.4 million. At the same time, in January 2021, the amount of losses from hacks was $370,000.

Last year, crypto scammers became richer by more than $3.5 billion thanks to just five hacks. The five largest exploits in 2022 brought losses of almost $ 3.5 billion. The most significant shocks were the hacking of the FTX crypto exchange, the Axie Infinity network, the Wormhole crypto bridge, as well as the projects JuicyFields.io and Unique-Exchange.com. According to analysts, the consequences will affect the crypto markets for many months.

In total, the losses of cryptocurrency companies as a result of hacks last year rose to $3.7 billion, which is 58% more than a year earlier. Hacking accounted for over 95% of all cryptocurrency thefts. The remaining losses are associated with fraud and scams. Mostly decentralized financial projects became victims of hacks in 2022. Many firms have embraced this statistic and are starting to take cybersecurity more seriously.

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