Hackers stole $8 million from BitKeep wallet users

Hackers stole $8 million from BitKeep wallet users




The wallets of BitKeep users were hacked, and the funds were withdrawn from them. Damage is estimated at $8 million

The theft appears to have occurred when users downloaded unofficial APK packages that were cracked and installed with code injected by the hackers. According to PeckShield, a blockchain security company, about $8 million worth of digital assets were stolen in this way.

“Today’s currency theft incident is mainly related to the 7.2.9 APK hack. If you are using this APK version, it is highly likely that this is not the official version. Therefore, please transfer funds to the BitKeep Chrome plug-in wallet as soon as possible, or the application downloaded from the official store, create a new wallet address and keep your mnemonic phrase safe,” the firm said in a statement. Telegram chat

BitKeep has encouraged those using the APK version of the app to transfer funds to a wallet downloaded from an official store such as the App Store or Google Play.

“If your wallet has been hacked, please submit the relevant details via the form as soon as possible, we will find a solution and help as soon as possible,” BitKeep said.

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