Hackers who attacked BTC.com transferred bitcoins to Tornado Cash


The hackers who attacked the BTC.com pool of the mining company BIT Mining Limited obtained 32.5 BTC and 1964 ETH. X-explore on-chain analysts came to this conclusion.

The attackers transferred most of the coins to Tornado Cash, but some funds went to the centralized exchanges Binance and Kucoin.

“Bitcoin wallet 3FxUA8godrRmxgUaPv71b3XCUxcoCLtUx2 transferred the stolen 32.5 BTC (~$0.55 million). Attackers are suspected of using the mixing service for money laundering,” the researchers noted.

According to their observations, the hacker also transferred 1964 ETH to four new addresses. The funds subsequently went to Tornado Cash and then “to exchanges like Binance.”

Recall that the attack on BTC.com occurred on December 3.

Representatives of BIT Mining Limited reported the incident to law enforcement in Shenzhen (China). On December 23, authorities launched an investigation.

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