Halborn announces serious vulnerability in Dogecoin


Halborn specialists have discovered a critical vulnerability in the Dogecoin code. According to them, a similar problem has affected a number of networks.

The experts noted that in the course of work under the contract since March 2022, they discovered several bugs in Dogecoin. All errors were promptly corrected by the developers.

However, for security reasons, Halborn specialists did not publish details.

They noted that similar vulnerabilities affected more than 280 networks with a total capitalization of $25 billion, including Litecoin and ZCash.


The Litecoin team has closed the vulnerability discovered by Halborn. Network members were advised to update the Litecoin Core client to version

The most critical error was related to the “zero day” option. The exploit made it possible for an attacker to remotely execute code on a miner node or conduct DoS-attack.

“Efforts have been made to reach out to affected networks for responsible disclosure,” the experts noted.

Recall that the developers of the OpenSea NFT marketplace have eliminated a critical vulnerability discovered by Imperva specialists.

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