Happy Genesis Block Day: 14 years ago bitcoin zero block was mined

The crypto community today celebrates another anniversary of the launch of the main Bitcoin network. 14 years ago, the anonymous creator of the first cryptocurrency, Satoshi Nakamoto, mined the genesis block, which ushered in a new era in financial technology.

The genesis block of bitcoin contained a historical record:

The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks

Which translated into Russian means the following: “The Times of January 3, 2009 The Chancellor is ready to save the banks for the second time.” This is a reference to the title of an article in the British edition of The Times.

After 14 years, bitcoin continues to dominate the market, and despite a serious drop, it still attracts a lot of fans. Today, cryptors all over the world are celebrating bitcoin by posting tweets about the cryptocurrency that started it all. In some tweets you can find image the same newspaper article whose headline was used in the genesis block:

Devotees in particular send small amounts to a wallet believed to be Satoshi Nakamoto’s. This is where the first 50 Bitcoins ever created were sent on January 3, 2009. That 50 BTC, like many of Nakamoto’s, never moved. Now this wallet contains 68.56 BTC (more than $1.1 million) and the amount on it continues to grow every day.

Other addresses that are associated with the name of the creator of bitcoin are also sent anonymous donations. But this wallet is the earliest and most famous, and it is to it that small amounts are most often sent.

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