Hydra L2 protocol launched on Cardano mainnet

The company behind the development of the Cardano project, IOG, announced the successful launch of its second layer solution, Hydra, on the main network.

The initiative aims to make the network more “scalable and adaptable to a variety of use cases requiring fast and cheap transactions.”

Developer Sebastian Nagel noted that Hydra is the first of the protocols that will help Cardano achieve its desired maximum throughput.

The solution will enable the implementation of several new features, including micropayments and insurance contracts.

Work on the protocol was carried out for more than seven years. It is based on the Hydra sharding technology, which allows to significantly increase the scaling of the second level using the so-called “hydra heads”.

Nagel explained that shard integration is not an upgrade and therefore does not require a hard fork. Preliminary tests have shown that each of the “heads” can process up to 1000 transactions per second. With 1,000 pools using the technology, throughput will reach 1 million transactions.

According to white paper Hydra technology provides horizontal scalability through improved hardware. According to the developers, this approach is the best compromise between speed, geographical distribution of participants and their number.

In May, the Lightning Network development team released an update to the Litd node management tool to make it easier to use the network.

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