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The number of cryptocurrency thefts in 2022 was 44% higher than last year, when 132 cases of cryptocurrency theft were recorded and an absolute record for the period of statistics. About it says in the Finbold report.
In 2022, hackers committed a record number of cryptocurrency thefts

Illustration: Finbold

In 2022 (as of December 9), there were 190 cases of cryptocurrency theft in the world.

In March, hackers managed to steal 173.6 thousand ETH coins and 25.5 USDC stablecoins from the Ronin project network, withdrawing $625 million in cryptocurrency. The Binance hack in October resulted in a $570 million loss.

The approaches to theft are also changing, experts state: earlier, hackers more often tried to hack private digital wallets, but now decentralized finance (DeFi) projects are most often their target.

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