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In Russia, they may impose a ban on mining in residential buildings to prevent fires. Such recommendations were sent by the Energy Commission of the State Council to the government, follows from the minutes of the meeting of December 13 (cryptonewsherald has it).

In energy-deficient regions (these include, for example, Moscow and the Moscow Region, Kuban and Adygea), they propose to ban this activity, and the constituent entities of the Russian Federation intend to empower additional taxation on the extraction of cryptocurrencies.

Now in Russia there is no legislation that regulates mining. In the State Duma (DG) in December 2022, they planned to adopt in the first reading a bill on the legalization of this type of activity, income declarations and tax payments, and in the revised version in the second and third readings – in January of this year. But the consideration of the document was postponed, cryptonewsherald wrote.

It is most likely that, if approved by the government, the restrictions proposed by the State Council can be sent to the State Duma as part of separate bills, Anton Tkachev, a member of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technologies and Communications, told cryptonewsherald.

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Current law: mining in residential buildings can be completely banned

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