In the first half of the year, Bitcoin will grow from $31,000 to $40,000, Ethereum from $2,100 to $2,800. The season of altcoins will pass. And then the correction

Only 4 days have passed since the previous review, and Bitcoin has already managed to conquer the $31,000 level and start a correction.

According to the Cryptocurrency Screener Cryptovizorwhich determines the price of BTC / USD based on the results of trading on spot exchanges, on April 14, Bitcoin reached a new high of this year at around $31,053, and then fell to $29,966. At the time of publication, the price corresponded to $30,367.

4 hour bitcoin chart. Source: Cryptovizor

The previous morning, Michael van de Poppe, head of trading firm Eight, predicted price drop. He reminded his followers on Twitter that no matter how strong bitcoin looked, small corrections cannot be avoided.

When the correction began, the predictor wrote:

Bitcoin is close to my prediction. We could have risen higher, but the bearish divergence demanded to cool the ardor. I expect a reversal at the level of $29.6 thousand, and then a continuation of the uptrend.

4 hour bitcoin chart. Forecast by Michael van de Poppe.

The analyst also noted the growth of Ethereum, which exceeded $2,100, and noticedthat the transition of this cryptocurrency to version 2.0 was accompanied by a sell-off of altcoins, while the Ethereum Shanghai update launched their rally.

Former BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes hastened to remindas the kryptans call the altcon rally:

Let me introduce myself: my name is ALTSEZON!

Meanwhile, Van de Poppe continued to wang: “This quarter is going to be fun. Bitcoin will continue to move to $40-50 thousand, Ethereum – to $2800-3000. As optimism returns to the market, altcoins are gaining momentum. They have a small window because a recession will start in the second half of the year, which will cause a crypto correction.”

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