Is it possible to buy cryptocurrencies free of charge?

As an investor in the cryptocurrency market, it is legitimate to want to pay as few fees as possible. However, each platform applies different commissions and it is difficult to navigate. In this sense, we offer you a complete article to know how and where to buy cryptos at no cost or with very little cost.

Can we buy cryptos without fees?

Concretely, it is very difficult to buy cryptos without any fees. Indeed, it will be necessary to pay at least transaction costs related to the operation of the blockchain. In addition, each platform applies additional management costs that must also be considered.

However, some platforms offer temporary offers to buy cryptocurrencies free of charge. This can be a welcome gift when creating an account or as part of a special event (Black Friday, Christmas, birthday, etc.).

In the rest of this article, we will offer you an overview of the current offers allowing you to pay no fees on the purchase of your cryptocurrencies. Finally, be aware that it is also possible to find an exchange platform which applies lower commissions.

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Where to buy free crypto?

In general, all platforms apply commissions, but it is sometimes possible to take advantage of special offers in order to to buy cryptos without paying fees. This can be as a reward for opening an account, temporary on the occasion of an event or permanent under certain conditions.

Here is a list of platforms where you can buy cryptocurrency free of charge:

  • Mt Pelerin;
  • ZenGo;

Mt Pelerin

Created in 2018, Mt Pelerin is a trading platform allowing to buy cryptocurrencies easily and in a totally transparent way. Based and regulated in Switzerland, this company does not require no identity verification (KYC) to access its services, at least up to a certain amount.

But above all, the main advantage of Mt Pelerin is that the platform does not apply any exchange fees between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies up to 500 Swiss francs (or equivalent) per year. In addition, vsThis limit can be increased to 5,000 Swiss francs (or equivalent) per year by holding 50 MPS (i.e. $500 at the time of this writing), or 50,000 Swiss francs (or equivalent) per year by holding 500 MPS.

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Founded in 2019, ZenGo is a complete platform allowing buying, selling, storing and staking of digital assets as well as the connection to Web 3.0 and decentralized applications. But above all, thanks to its institutional standard technology, ZenGo allows you to store your cryptocurrencies in an ultra-secure way.

Right now, ZenGo is offering its new users to buy cryptos free of charge for their first purchase, to the extent of 200 dollars. This special offer is made in partnership with Banxa and is only applicable if you purchase through them from the ZenGo app.

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Another welcome offer: also offers its users a waiver of all cryptocurrency purchase fees during the 1st month following the creation of an account. As a reminder, is a cryptocurrency exchange platform founded in 2016 and recognized for its reliability.

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The different types of fees

Before going into the details of the commissions of each exchange and introducing you the best platforms to buy cryptos at low costit is important to understand the different types of fees. There are three: network fees, exchange commissions and trading fees.

network costs

When buying cryptocurrencies, it is mandatory to pay network fees to validate a transaction and buy cryptocurrencies. For example, for Bitcoin (BTC), the network fees make it possible to remunerate minors that support your transaction and record it in the blockchain.

These costs depend how blockchain actually works and its ability to handle multiple transactions at once. This is the reason why Ethereum, then still in Proof of Work, had a complicated summer of 2021 where fees could reach tens of dollars.

Note, however, that network costs – also called gas costs – do not increase with the amount of the transaction you are making. Whatever amount you transfer or exchange at a given time, the fees will be the same.

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Platform commissions

To buy cryptocurrencies, beginners mainly choose to go through centralized platforms. However, these apply deposit or withdrawal fees of funds. This should be taken into account, since this increases the total fees for buying cryptos.

Some platforms apply fixed costs (ranging from one dollar to several dollars) while others charge percentages (from a fraction of % to several %) of the amount you wish to deposit or withdraw. We will then detail the exchanges applying the lowest taxes.

There are many other costs, notably related to management, inactivity, currency conversions, or what is called the spread. The latter corresponds to the difference between the actual purchase price of an asset and the one the platform charges you.

Trading fees

Trading fees are charged by the platform you use to trade your cryptocurrencies. They can go from a fraction of % to several %. For a single transaction, this may seem trivial, but when carried out frequently, it can quickly add up.

The cryptocurrency market operates on a โ€œMaker and Takerโ€ model. To put it simply, when we place an order that does not exist in the order bookthen it is added to it and we therefore become a โ€œMakerโ€ and we pay a โ€œMakerโ€ transaction fee.

Conversely, when the order placed is associated with an existing order in the book, it is therefore executed and we are considered as โ€œTakersโ€. In this case, we have therefore withdrawn liquidity from the market and we will be charged the โ€œTakerโ€ commission.

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eToro: The platform that simplifies trading

Which platform to buy cryptos with little cost?

If it is difficult to trade cryptos without paying additional costs, we will introduce you exchanges that allow you to pay low fees. This is particularly the case for eToro, Binance, or even decentralized platforms such as dYdX.

Platforms where to buy cryptos with little cost Deposit fees Withdrawal fees Trading fees Other expenses ? Fee advantages? Buy cryptos with little cost
eToro Yes: by bank card and by bank transfer $5 per withdrawal 1% per trade Inactivity fee, spread No

Buy crypto cheaply on eToro

ZenGo Yes: 4.99% by credit card and 1.99% by bank transfer Yes, depends on asset 0.1% per trade None Special offer: no charge on the purchase for the first 200 euros

Buy crypto cheaply on ZenGo

Binance Yes: by credit card

Free: bank transfer

$0.8 per withdrawal 0.1% per trade None Holding BNB tokens: reduced fees

Buy crypto cheaply on Binance Yes: 3.5% by credit card

Free: bank transfer

Yes, depends on asset 0.4% per trade None Holding CRO tokens: reduced fees

Buy crypto cheaply on

Mt Pelerin Free: bank transfer Network fees Decreasing from 1.3% to 0.9% None Special offer: no charge on the purchase for the first 500 Swiss francs

Buy crypto cheaply on Mt Pelerin


eToro is a broker created in 2007 and regulated in USA for services related to cryptocurrencies. Recognized for its ease of use, this broker is suitable for beginners and allows you to buy cryptocurrencies at reduced costs. If you are just starting out, then eToro will meet your needs.

The eToro platform invoices a one-time 1% commission for buying or selling cryptocurrencies. These fees are included in the price displayed when you open or close a position. In addition, eToro charges a spread corresponding to the difference between the price of buying the cryptocurrency on the market and the price at which it sells it to you.

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eToro: The platform that simplifies trading


Binance is a centralized cryptocurrency buying platform launched in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao. It has now established itself as the world leader in its sector of activitythanks in particular to its fluid and easy-to-use interface.

Binance charges the lowest fees on the market. In effect, the basis is set at 0.1% per transaction. This is weak compared to the competition, but if you own BNB (Binance Coin)your fees will be paid using this token and will be reduced to 0.075% per transaction.

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Decentralized exchanges

In general, decentralized platforms apply transaction fees at least as high as their centralized competitors. For exemple, Uniswap charges a 0.3% fee per transactionto which are added the network costs which can be significant if one goes through the Ethereum blockchain.

The dYdX platform is certainly the most interesting for trading cryptos without fees. Indeed, DYDX token holders get rebates of up to 50% of their fee amount. In addition, if the volumes exceed $100,000, the user is rewarded in DYDX tokens that can cover 80 to 120% of the fees paid.

In other words, it is possible to trade cryptos without fees for users with transaction volumes exceeding $100,000. However, it should be noted that dYdX offers to trade on the perpetual markets and not on the spot marketso you will not be able to hold cryptos and transfer them outside the platform.

Regarding decentralized exchanges, we can also mention Mt Pelerin whose fees are relatively low. In addition to the free fees before the first 500 Swiss francs spent, as mentioned above, Mt Pelerin applies decreasing fees 1.3% up to 5,000 Swiss francs, 1.1% up to 50,000 Swiss francs and 0.9% above.

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Source : Withrawal Fees

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