Jamie Dimon doubts bitcoin supply will be limited to 21 million coins

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon on air CNBC stated that there is no certainty that the supply of bitcoin is really limited to 21 million coins.

“How do you know? Maybe it will reach 21 million, and the photo of Satoshi will pop up and laugh at all of you, ”he suggested.

AT Decrypt recalled that in October 2022, the top manager expressed skepticism regarding the code embedded in the algorithm of the first cryptocurrency.

“Have you all read algorithms? Guys, do you believe in all this? ”He then grinned.

Casa startup CTO Jameson Lopp stressed that bitcoin supply caps are achieved with just five lines of code. It is open for study. Anyone can verify its correctness.

Given the programmed halvings, reaching the bar of 21 million should occur by 2141, Bitcoin Core developer Luke Dash Jr. explained to the publication.

Earlier, Blockworks analyst Dan Smith called the current Bitcoin model unsustainable, which reduces the chances of digital gold becoming the world’s reserve currency. The reason is the low share of transaction proceeds in the total income of bitcoin miners.

The head of JPMorgan is not the first time criticizing bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In October 2021, he stated that digital gold was “worthless” and noted the unpopularity of his opinion.

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