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Ledger has postponed the launch of controversial password recovery service Ledger Recover due to criticism. IN letter Pascal Gauthier, the head of the hardware crypto wallet manufacturer, told users that Ledger will not implement a new feature until its open source is published, writes RBC Crypto.

Last week, Ledger announced the Ledger Recover service, which will allow users to split the secret phrase from the wallet (seed-phrase) into three parts and send them for storage to three different companies. After that, Ledger owners will be able to restore these phrases in case of loss.

In response, Ledger faced a flurry of criticism. Users were outraged by the idea that wallet passwords could be revealed to anyone other than their owners. Numerous commentators wrote angry posts on various social networks, reminding Ledger of its statements that the private keys to the crypto wallet will never leave the device.

The company tried to justify itself, while admitting that it always had the opportunity to obtain user keys through the firmware, but did not do so. Subsequently, this message was deleted, but then the former head of the Ledger, Eric Larchevek, added fuel to the fire. He noted that the authorities will be able to access the keys of users who have connected the Ledger Recover function.

Ledger does not release all of its product code to the public, but according to Gauthier, the company has now learned from its “unintentional communication error” with its audience and will release operating system and tool codes at an accelerated rate.

“We have made the decision to speed up the data discovery roadmap! We will open as many Ledger operating system codes as possible, starting with the main OS components, and Ledger Recover, which will not be released until this work is completed, ”he wrote.

The openness of the code will not affect the security of the device and will not improve it in any way, the company promises, but it will make this information transparent to users, and experts will be able to make sure that there are no malicious codes in the device software.

Gauthier reiterated the idea that a key recovery service is essential for cryptocurrency users who put their passwords at risk with less secure protections and hard-to-use forms of storage.

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