List of accounting firms specializing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain

As the professional cryptocurrency sector grows, several accounting firms have specialized in cryptos to meet business expectations. Here is a non-exhaustive list of French accounting firms offering their services to Web3 companies.

The importance of crypto-friendly accounting firms

For a company with an activity related to cryptocurrencies, it is crucial to work with an accounting firm that has a good understanding of the particularities of these assets. Indeed, cryptocurrencies have unique characteristics that can make their accounting and tax management complex.

A cryptocurrency accounting firm will be able to advise the business on best practices for managing its cryptocurrency interactions, such as how to record them in the books and report them to tax authorities.

In addition, an accountancy firm knowledgeable in the crypto sector can help the company understand the tax implications of such transactions, especially with regard to VAT, corporation tax, capital gains tax in cryptos and other taxes that may apply.

In summary, working with a crypto-friendly accounting firm is essential for a company that wishes to manage its finances efficiently and to comply with applicable tax regulations.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of 5 crypto-accountants able to support Web3 companies.

Fox Audit

Fox Audit Logo

Founded in 2012 by Jeremy Lellouche, accounting firm Fox Audit has been involved in the cryptocurrency ecosystem since 2016 and supports many companies in the sector.

In parallel with its missions more focused on traditional finance, Fox Audit has developed a wealth of skills dedicated to Web3 entrepreneurs, in particular for:

  • Provide finance, accounting and tax support;
  • Offer token valuation and financial modeling methods for ICOs;
  • Advise all businesses regarding their investments in cryptocurrencies.

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HODL Consulting

Hold Consulting Logo

Founded in 2022 by chartered accountant Houssen Issouf Aly, HODL Consulting provides its expertise to small and medium-sized businesses in all sectors of activity, with a marked preference for those evolving in the Web3 ecosystem.

HODL Consulting supports a plethora of French Web3 companies such as:

  • Meria;
  • Waltio;
  • CEDE Labs.

The firm accepts payments in euros, but also in crypto-currencies such as BTC, ETH and USDC.

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WeW3B Logo

Co-founded by Damien Commarmond and Laurent Plenet, the WeW3B firm specializes in supporting Web3 and FinTech startups.

WeW3B is able to meet all the needs of Web3 companies in terms of accounting, in particular for:

  • Develop and refine a financial plan, determine key performance indicators (KPIs) and implement long-term strategies;
  • Put in place the most suitable accounting processes for the client company;
  • Manage the internal taxation of companies and deal with complex tax issues.

As a crypto-accountant, WeW3B is also very active on his personal blog. Blog available on Mediumthe firm often publishes on news from the regulatory world, in particular that relating to cryptocurrencies.

👉 Visit the WeW3B site to find out more



With its experience acquired by supporting Web2 giants such as Shopify, PayPal and Stripe, EARN has a section dedicated to companies operating in the cryptocurrency sector.

EARN offers its clients accounting expertise divided into 4 solutions:

  • A chartered accountant specializing in crypto-assets and blockchain, as well as a network of specialized partners;
  • Support on the accounting and taxation of cryptocurrencies;
  • Advice dedicated to crypto-entrepreneurs and monitoring of their investments in cryptocurrencies;
  • Regular meetings with an expert to analyze the company’s performance.

The crypto-friendly firm EARN already works with several companies involved in Web3 in USA such as:

  • Ledger;
  • Banque Delubac & Cie (holder of the PSAN registration);
  • The law firms Revo Avocats and Hashtag.

In addition, EARN regularly publishes articles about cryptocurrencies on his blogin particular on taxation, payments or corporate investment in this asset class.

👉 Visit the EARN website to find out more

Cabinet Fabrice Heuvrard

Fabrice Heuvrard Logo

Chartered accountant since 2016, Fabrice Heuvrard has made cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFT) his favorite subjects. It focuses on the following areas of intervention:

  • complete management of the manager’s accounting and personal taxation;
  • training of administrative teams in accounting software;
  • specialized IT audit: audit of compliance with CNIL rules, analysis of the accounting entries file, etc.

On the topic of crypto-assets, Fabrice Heuvrard regularly writes content for the Revue Fiduciaire and the Revue Française de Comptabilité.

👉 Visit Fabrice Heuvrard’s profile on LinkedIn to learn more

💡 This list being non-exhaustive, contact our teams at [email protected] if you would like your accounting firm to be referenced.

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