Luxor Acquires Bitcoin NFT Platform OrdinalHub


The American mining company Luxor Technologies has announced the purchase of the OrdinalHub platform for issuing, selling and tracking bitcoin-NFT.

B Luxor recalled that after the appearance of NFTs on the Ordinals protocol in the Bitcoin blockchain in January 2023, they quickly gained popularity. The number of collectible assets has already exceeded 150,000 – an increase of 15,000% since the beginning of February.

However, the segment remains siled, with release and trading taking place across multiple Discord servers. According to the company’s specialists, this makes it difficult for creators and collectors to track projects. The lack of an escrow system hinders the development of trade and leads to high commissions.

“OrdinalHub will solve these problems by providing the community with a central hub to find projects, trade NFTs, open new issuance sites, and access educational materials. The Ordinals sector is still in its infancy. The market lacks robust, enterprise-grade solutions for collection indexing, escrow, and easy pricing,” Luxor said.

The company also noted that OrdinalHub has a Discord server hosting popular projects like PunksonBitcoin, TaprootWizards, OrdRocks, OrdinalLoops, DeGods, and BitcoinShrooms. Some NFT prices are already over 10 BTC.

“The Ordinals have opened up exciting new monetization strategies for bitcoin miners. There is a natural synergy between the Luxor pool and OrdinalHub that will allow us to create critical infrastructure to drive growth,” said Nick Hansen, CEO of the company.

Recall that in February, an analogue of the Ordinals protocol was launched in the Litecoin blockchain.

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