MakerDAO Integrates Chainlink Oracles into Keeper Network


DeFi platform MakerDAO has integrated Chainlink’s decentralized oracles into the Keeper Network structure, which supports DAI stability.

Keeper Network is an automated system that interacts with third-party protocols to ensure stablecoin parity against the US dollar. The network controls parameters such as price and debt ceiling.

TechOps, Keep3r Network and Gelato Network are connected to the structure.

“The addition of Chainlink’s decentralized oracle platform to the MakerDAO technology stack further stabilizes the DAI ecosystem by adding more external participants to network verification and maintenance processes,” the statement said.

MakerDAO noted that the Chainlink Automation solution will perform certain tasks in the platform’s smart contract system, including updating prices, balancing liquidity, and raising the debt ceiling.

181,000 DAI have been allocated to ensure the operation of oracles, which will be transferred to the Keeper Network at 1,000 DAI per day.

The integration was the result of a governance vote in which the DeFi project community voted on a package of changes. It also included adjustments to the minimum debt on a number of assets and distribution of 109,048 DAI to 17 trusted delegates.

Recall that MakerDAO participants put up for a vote a proposal to create a liquidity market Spark Protocol as a competitor to the Aave landing DeFi protocol.

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