Many Russians are ready to switch to cryptoruble

The head of the State Duma Committee on the financial market, Anatoly Aksakov, believes that many Russians are ready to use the cryptoruble.

They will be able to pay for goods and services with tokens, as well as use this tool to accumulate capital. At the same time, no one is going to force people to switch to CBDC, the deputy said in an interview with Parliamentary Newspaper.

He emphasized:

The digital ruble is another form of money in our country. We have many who want to switch to it, including young people. This is an excellent tool for storing savings in a modern format, as well as an effective tool for settlements with suppliers and employees. At the same time, no one is going to force citizens to use this new form of money. The use of the digital ruble is the right of citizens, not their obligation.

According to Aksakov, there are no plans yet to transfer pensioners to CBDC, because the authorities are not interested in this.

Elvira Nabiullina, head of the Bank of Russia, made a similar statement earlier.

She also noted that the cryptoruble does not cancel anything in our banking system, but it complements it and makes it more perfect. In addition, the national digital currency increases the availability of financial services.

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