MetaMask adds support for Layer 2 networks to expand swaps

MetaMask adds support for Layer 2 networks to expand swaps


In a recent update, the popular cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask revealed that it will start supporting second layer networks such as Arbitrum and Optimism for its swap features.
thus expanding the list of assets for exchange

Previously, only Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon, and Avalanche could participate in MetaMask swaps. Now this list will grow significantly.

Users can aggregate data from many decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and market makers to get the best rate and lowest market fees when exchanging tokens directly from their desktop or mobile wallet using MetaMask Swaps.

The main advantage of MetaMask is that its users can store their own tokens. Users can trade cryptocurrencies without joining a centralized exchange thanks to Swaps, which collects data from DEX aggregators and market makers. MetaMask is a self-custody wallet, so users always remain in full control of their funds.

Last week, MetaMask revealed that it is now working with PayPal for in-app cryptocurrency purchases. Just at the moment when the activity on the network increased dramatically, MetaMask began supporting the Optimism layer 2 blockchain. TVL Optimism (Total Cost Locked) has also increased. Santiment, an online data aggregator, reports that the number of stablecoin transactions on Optimism has suddenly skyrocketed.

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