Michael Van De Popp gave a forecast for AVAX

A well-known crypto trader on his Twitter page told what will happen with the AVAX token in the near future.

On Saturday. On April 29, the support level, from the point of view of the expert, was $17.17. Michael Van De Poppe believes that if AVAX can hold above $16.85, then the price is likely to rise. The analyst sees $18.5 and even $19.5 as real goals. However, this will only become a reality if the price does not fall below $16.85.

In a video on his YouTube channel, Van De Pop said that he currently considers the potential of bitcoin to be higher than that of altcoins. And the growth of altcoins will become possible only after their total market capitalization exceeds $615 billion.

Van De Popp sees the growth of ethereum against bitcoin as another factor in the growth of altcoins, as the rest will follow the second largest cryptocurrency in the world.

In March, Van De Popp predicted Ether’s move to $2,000 with absolute accuracy.

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