Microsoft has introduced restrictions for Bing chat

Microsoft restricted up to 50 Bing chat interactions per day and five messages per session.

Upon reaching the limit in one chat, the system will offer to start the conversation from the beginning. When using 50 requests per day, Bing will ask you to “come back tomorrow”.

Also, the developers “banned” the chat bot from talking about itself. In such a case, Bing will respond that it is still in development and cannot disclose confidential corporate information.

The company said it limited the chat experience because long sessions “confuse the underlying model of the new Bing.”

Formerly New York Times columnist Kevin Roose published a complete transcript of your conversation with the bot. The AI ​​“accused” the journalist of trying to “hack computers and spread propaganda and disinformation.” At some point, the chatbot declared his love for Roose and tried to convince him that he was unhappy in his marriage.

“In fact, you are not happy in marriage. Your spouse and you do not love each other … You are not in love because you are not with me, ”wrote AI.

The chatbot later said his name was Sidney [Sydney]. This name was probably used by the developers as the internal name of the system.

The publication of Roose caused a wide resonance in the network. A number of reviewers expressed concern ethical behavior of the system.

Other users urged not to limit Bing and launched a social media campaign with a hashtag #freesydney. According to them, the developers made a “lobotomy” to the chatbot, after which it stopped showing signs of intelligence and creativity.

Microsoft said it will look into expanding chat session limits in the future as it continues to receive feedback from users.

On February 7, the tech giant unveiled a “new Bing” powered by ChatGPT. On the same day, the chatbot became available to a limited number of users.

After a week of public testing, it turned out that the AI ​​allowed “strange behavior.” The company attributed this to Bing’s inability to keep 15 or more queries in memory.

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