MicroStrategy to Present Lightning Network Solutions


In 2023, MicroStrategy will introduce a range of solutions based on the Bitcoin Lightning Network (LN) micropayment network. This was stated by the founder and executive chairman of the company Michael Saylor.

He said that MicroStrategy is looking into software based on LN. In particular, the company is interested in solutions focused on website security and corporate marketing.

The development of network-based tools is handled by a separate team. Sailor specified that she will be able to demonstrate the first developments in the first quarter of 2023.

According to Saylor, the marketing team can use LN in customer incentive programs. For example, pay rewards through the network for participating in certain activities like surveys.

The founder of MicroStrategy said that the company is interested in creating solutions that allow any enterprise to “deploy” the infrastructure necessary for interacting with the Lightning Network “in half a day.”

According to Saylor, tools can be built on top of LN to protect websites from attacks. The concept involves the integration of a paywall that requires portal visitors to deposit a certain deposit in BTC, which will be returned after the session ends.

Recall that Sailor first announced plans to develop corporate solutions based on LN in September 2022.

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